TLC Women

As women, we fill important roles: wife, mother, daughter, homemaker, provider. We understand the pressures and demands as we strive to balance our personal lives, families and professional lives. We understand the need for friendships and a comfortable environment where we can come together and share these experiences and encourage one another. TLC Women’s Ministry focuses on creating these relationships. This is our special ministry for women, where we have an opportunity to grow in our walk with Christ, cultivate meaningful relationships with other women who are going through similar circumstances, and most importantly influence other people to find and follow Jesus. We encourage. We love. We carry one another’s burdens. We pray and seek God’s will for one another. And in result, whether in our homes with our families or in our workplaces, we will spread the message of God and we will love His people.

TLC Women meet bi-weekly for Bible Study and Fellowship.  Please fill out form below to be contacted for the next TLC Women’s  Event.