TLC Students

Students have many obstacles they deal with in their day to day life. They are dealing with academic pressure, the desire to be accepted and fit in, and working to actualize their own goals in life. Possibly the most challenging obstacle students face is peer pressure. At TLC we provide a safe place for your teen. We strive to build confidence in Jesus. TLC Students ministry exists to bring students into worship. We offer a place where they can achieve spiritual maturity, grow their faith and character, and grow their relationship with Jesus. It’s about giving them a place to belong. A place where they fit in. A place to make friends. A place to be accepted and have fun. We pursue Jesus, whole heartedly, and we are chasing after one thing: the heart of God.

TLC Students meet every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

TLC Student Pastor, Pastor Paul Hundley

Pastor Paul, a graduate of Valor Christian College, is an enthusiastic, energetic, and exciting leader who is passionate about seeing students of today reach their potential in Christ. He and his wife, Crystal, have five children.