TLC Kids

Childhood is perhaps the most impressionable time in a person’s life. It is therefore important to make sure that children establish a strong connection with God and His Word.

That is why at TLC, we have a special kids ministry for this very purpose. The TLC Kids ministry exists to bring children into worship that is appropriate for their ages. Our TLC kids volunteers provide a safe environment where your child can develop and grow in their relationship with Jesus and share His love and teachings to the world. The Ministry is lead by a staff who is passionate in helping kids connect with God in a practical, fun, interactive way suitable for their age.

Your child’s safety is our priority, therefore all TLC Kids volunteers must pass a background check. We provide a secure check-in and pick-up system for your child along with a paging system in case you are needed during the worship service, which begins 10 minutes prior to the worship service. On your first visit to TLC Kids, information about you and your child (name, age, allergies, any special instructions) will be entered in our TLC Kids database to help maintain a secure check-in system.